Thank You Mr. Trump

Dear Donald Trump:

Thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to stand up for what is right.

Your homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic comments have opened my eyes.

This world is fucked up. You are fucked up.

Before you became President, I knew that a few radical white men from Alabama held so much hatred in their hearts. But when you got elected, I realized that it isn’t just a few people. Its 65,844,954 people.

Before you became President, I was aware of police brutality. I was aware of sexism. I was aware of oppression. But it didn’t directly affect me. I know this is selfish, but in my mind, I had more important things to deal with.

Now, I know that oppression somewhere is oppression everywhere.

Because of you, I am now fighting against injustice. I am fighting for equality. I am fighting against all of your beliefs.

Those who stay silent are indirectly supporting you; and you are using that to your advantage.

I realize I am not Emma Watson, Shia LaBeouf, or Leonardo DiCaprio. I have no experience in activism, I don’t have a huge platform.

But you have taught me that I don’t need it. You had none of the above, and you soon found a following. I will do the same.

We will not take this sitting down. We will fight until the end. We will resist. We will shine.

We will not flee. We will fight.

Thank you Donald Trump. Thank you for showing us that we need to unite. We need to fight. We need to acknowledge your hate.

Thank you for giving us something to fight for.

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