As vegans, we get a lot of questions! We also experience some things that other people who aren’t vegan dont! I thought it would be fun to compile some of the things that I have had happen to me! I hope you all find this just as funny as I do!

  1. “So like…what do you eat?”

I wish I could tell you how many time people have asked me this. I never know how to answer it! Thats like asking any person with any diet “So what do you eat?”. It’s so weird! I eat…food…

2. “What if you were trapped on a desert island?”

3. “Where do you get your protein?”

4. “I could NEVER give up bacon!”

I wouldn’t eat bacon even if I wasn’t vegan. That stuff is actual cancer.

5. When you can order anything off the menu at a vegan restaurant 

6. When you go to a restaurant where all you can eat is a side salad

7. Having to turn down food without being rude

8. When you meet another vegan in real life

9. Reading ingredient labels like

10. When you accidentally eat something that is non vegan

11. When you inspire someone to go vegan

12. Bringing food in your bag EVERYWHERE

13. “Is that cookie vegan?”

Mhm I’m just going to give up all of my morals to eat a damn cookie. 

14. When everyone assumes you’re a hippie living in a box in the middle of the forest

(Although i must admit, living in the forest seems pretty cool)

15. Watching the barista and making sure they use non-dairy milk

Thank you all for reading! Please leave a comment telling me what the craziest thing someone has said to you when they found out you were vegan!

Twitter: @burntkiss

Instagram: @plantbased.kay


  1. lmao I love how accurate every vegan is. but probably the most hilarious comment I’ve received from someone is “animals eat plants so if you eat animals you technically won’t be eating them.” LIKE GIRL, u good? 5+9=1?

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