My Summer Wishlist

ITS FINALLY SUMMER! With summer comes my own selfish desire for more clothes and accessories. So minimalists, I think it’s time to close out this page. 

In the winter, I buy enough flannels and dark colors to kill someone, but then when the weather gets warmer I instantly want to ditch those for florals and pastels. 

Unfortunately, I am not a billionaire and I can’t afford to buy all of these lovely pieces. But I figured if I can’t have it, I should take two hours to write a whole blog post about it. Make sense? Maybe…no…okay. 

Asos crochet top

Boohoo Embroidered jeans

Boohoo Floral Romper  

Dolce and Gabbana Sunnies 

Free People Striped Tee

Lavish Alice Top

ASOS Shoe Boots 

That is all of this post! I hope you enjoyed! Comment down below what your favorite item off my wishlist is or what you want for summer!

Have a lovely morning,afternoon, or night! 

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