How to Change Your Life

First off, I feel like I have some explaining to do! I have decided to relaunch my blog. I have been pondering this for over 6 months, but recently I decided to take the leap and just do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging about veganism. I truly do. But I feel like Plant Based Kay put me in such a small box that it was genuinely killing my passion for blogging. That is why I have decided to launch A Pinch of Profanity! So many lifestyle blogs are so sugar coated: do this and you will get this. Anyone who has been in the real world for more than 5 minutes will know that isn’t at all how life works.

So I decided fuck it. I am going to write about real shit. I’m going to be honest with everyone in all my posts. I’m going to write about things that make me happy, like travel, beauty, food, self help, all that good stuff!

In honor of this new chapter of not only my blog, but my life, I decided to write all about how to change your life! I really hope you all continue to follow me through this journey and I thank you all so much for your endless support. -Kayla

If you are reading this right now, chances are you’re not super happy with the way things are going. Trust me, I’ve been there. Hell, I’m still kind of there. If you’ve ever sat and thought “Damn. I don’t like the way my life is right now.”, then you’ve already taken the first step to changing your life. Whether it be you hate your job, you hate you school, you are so deep in debt you can barely breathe through the piles of letters from the bank, or you just are simply sick of feeling just content and you want to feel excited to wake up every day, you can make the change you want right now.

Sadly, I can’t sit here and tell you all the answers to all the problems in your life. I wish I could, but that is one of the few things that I cannot do. But, one thing I can do is tell you where to start.

Step One: Make a Dream Board

I used to think this was the dumbest thing in the whole world. I read COUNTLESS blog posts on how helpful this is, but for some reason I thought it was so fucking stupid…until I did it.

A mood/dream board is a board(physical or digital) where you put photos of what you want your life to be. For example, say your dream is to be a chef in New York City with 2 kids and a hot husband. Buy a cork board at target for like $4, hang it in a place you see every day, like next to your bed or by your desk. Print out a bunch of pictures of the Empire State Building, cool kitchens, and cute pinterest families and hang that up. Simply seeing the life you want every single day will bring you more inspiration that you can ever imagine.

Step Two: Read You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

This book. THIS FUCKING BOOK. This book will change your life. I have made every single person in my life read this book because it is so life changing. I usually feel like different self help books work for different people. Like, you could read a book and think it is AMAZING, but I could read the same book and think it was shit. Self Help books are definitely tailored to different groups of people. But I truly feel like this book is so universal. This book will not only make you wish you had a better life, but teach you exactly how to get your dream life and inspire you every single day. You have to read this book. It is not optional.

Step Three: Just Do It

I am the kind of person who will feel so inspired, and then just totally forget about my great idea or just talk myself into a hole of anxiety and convince myself that my idea was stupid. The second you feel that hint of inspiration seep into your veins, RUN WITH IT. Don’t over think it. Don’t talk yourself out of it. What’s the worst that could happen? Would you rather live your life constantly thinking “what if?”? I know I wouldn’t.

Step Four: Stop Giving a Fuck about Everything

Well not everything. That’s bad. But honestly, you have to stop caring about the things that don’t positively serve you. Life will be shitty if you focus on all of the tiny little bad things that happen to you. If you learn to (and it’s not easy, trust me) let go of all of the negative things that are holding you back, you will turn into an amazing version of yourself.

Step Five: Believe in Yourself

You got this. Take the leap. Do what you have always wanted to do.

(Header photo credit to Kalyn Nicholson)

6 thoughts on “How to Change Your Life

  1. I love that you changed your blog around. I think it definitely opens it up to be able to talk about whatever you feel like, which is how it should be considering it’s your blog! Also A+ on the name!

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