How to Get Your Shit Together

If you’re reading this post right now, chances are you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Trust me, I’ve been there. In fact, I was very recently there and that’s what inspired me to write this post.

In Boston, it has been so cold and dreary lately that I feel like I have been in such a bad headspace. I was getting lazy about school work, about keeping up with my social life, and even about blogging. And that’s when I realized-“Damn. I need to get my shit together”

Through my journey of getting my life back on track, I discovered a few tips that I’m hoping will help all of you!

Write Down What you Want in Life

This needs to be very specific. Write down exactly where you want to be in life. What’s your job? What does your apartment look like? Are you married? Kids? Wealthy? Try to fill a whole page with this.

Now, write down what are you doing in this very second to achieve this goal. If that list is pretty small (which if you’re reading about how to get your shit together, it probably is), it’s time to re-evaluate.

Write down what you can do RIGHT NOW to achieve your goals. For example, say you want to be the type of person who is very good at yoga. Start waking up at 6 am everyday to go to a beginners yoga class. Just writing this list will make you feel so inspired to get yourself out of the rut and jumpstart your journey to start living your best life.

Clean Your Atmosphere

It has been scientifically proven that living in a clean space helps keep your mind clean. Designate a certain time to just non-stop clean. Personally, I like to take a whole Sunday once every month-ish to just clean clean clean. I like to rearrange my room, donate clothes that I am sick of, and just relax. Cleaning is actually super therapeutic to me – I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who thoroughly enjoys cleaning.

Back to rearranging, I think this is such an important part of getting out of a rut. I know that if I keep my room the same for months, I start to feel like I do the same things every single day and that my life is just so repetitve. This makes me feel so unmotivated and just simply lazy. One thing that I have found to be so helpful is to change up my living space. Paint my room, move my bed, whatever I chose to do. This gives me such a huge boost to get my life back on track!

Use a Planner

Whether it’s an actual, physical planner or just your phone, start planning your life! Not only will this help you get re-organized, it will also prevent you from getting stuck in a rut again. I personally like to write down literally EVERYTHING in my planner, but this isn’t totally necessary. I find it helpful to write down everything though just so it feels less overwhelming

Get Inspired

This kind of relates back to my first point, but stay with me. You need to find one person who is living the life that you want and write down the things you like about their lives. Try to make these things apart of your everyday life. Now, be careful with this because you want to maintain your originality, so make sure you’re using this person as an inspiration and not copying their life exactly.

I also like to go on websites like tumblr and WeHeartIt to get inspired. I feel like if you’re able to find a strong enough source of inspiration, you will be motivated to do anything.

I’m pretty sure I’ve talk about this in every single blog post I’ve ever written, but PRINT THESE PICTURES OUT AND HANG THEM EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! For example, one of my HUGE, short(ish) term goals is to get an apartment in the heart of Boston. Because of this, my computer background and IPad background are all beautiful views of the city. This way, every single time I go on my computer to blog, I’m reminded of what I’m doing all of this for and what I’m striving towards.

Anyways, that is all for today, folks! I would really appreciate if you would leave any tips you have down in the comments to help me and other people reading this post! I hope you have an amazing morning, afternoon, or night.

Love – K

7 thoughts on “How to Get Your Shit Together

  1. Thank you so much for this! Before reading this post I was actually feeling quite down. When I saw that title, not only did it wake me up but it felt like a friend was giving me real talk to get my act together 😂
    I’ll be sure to use some of these! Thank you so much for your wonderful post!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You are so right about all this. Everything I have accomplished in life, I have done by first writing things down on paper & then figuring out how to make it happen. I’m also super-organized and keep my surroundings clean and clutter free. Cleaning up actually relaxes me, which makes my GF very happy, Haha!

    One other thing that helped me tremendously was removing negative and toxic people from my life. Many people never realize their dreams because they are afraid of being criticized or ridiculed by friends & family. Replacing them with friendly, positive people resulted in a huge improvement in my quality of life and overall happiness.

    Keep up the great work & I’ll be following you on Twitter!


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