How to Find Motivation

No matter how motivated of a person you are, we all have those days of laziness where you want to put your head under the blankets and hide from all of your responsibilities.

I can honestly say that I enjoy doing 75% of my responsibilies. I don’t hate my job, I don’t hate my classes, and I obviously don’t hate blogging. But when I woke up today, I felt instant dread knowing that I had to tackle all of these things. I’m going to be totally upfront with you all, I had literally no motivation to write this post. Then, as I was inspiring myself to get out of bed and start writing this, it hit me.

I should scrap my original post idea and write about how I went from dreading this post to actually looking forward to writing it.

So that’s enough rambling, let’s get into it!

Find Inspiration

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this in every single blog post I’ve ever published. And if we are being honest, I’ll probably say it in all future posts. And I’ll probably write a whole post about it one day. ITS THAT IMPORTANT!

For me personally, I look for inspirtation in other people in my field. I look at successful lifestyle bloggers and I think “Damn. That’s the life I want.”. And I instantly feel motivation to push towards that goal.

Commit Publicly

This is such a huge one for me and if you follow me on twitter, you’ll probably see me do it all the time. If I plan on publishing a new post but I haven’t even starting writing it yet, I’ll announce that I’m doing it on twitter. This way, not only will I see that other people are excited about it(which gets me excited about it), I’ll have someone to hold me to it!

Start Small, Really Small

No one starts training for a marathon by running 20 miles. They start by running 1/2 a mile, then work up to 1 mile, then work up to 5 miles, and you know how the rest goes. Every single goal you have in life should be thought of in marathon terms. You can’t apply to be the CEO of a company that you’re currently a cashier for and expect to be successful.

If you start on a task that’s too big, you might feel discouraged if you can’t accomplish it right away and then you’ll be tempted to give up. Don’t do that to yourself! Not only will you be more productive if you work on smaller tasks, your small successes will only motivate you further.

Plot your Progress

If you’re working towards something, it can be so helpful to see how far you’ve come. Write down every little accomplishment you’ve made and then look back on it when you’re feeling less than motivated.

Make Motivation a Part of your Routine

…and stick to it. For example, let’s say reading a certain blog really motivates you and just gets you in the right head space. Make reading it a part of your morning routine. If you have one specific thing that really motivates you and makes you feel good, stick with it every single day.

Get off the Failure Treadmill

I feel like a lot of you will relate to this and have caught yourself on the failure treadmill as well. If I fail at one little task, I start to think about all of the other things I’ve failed at and then start to think that maybe I shouldn’t even bother trying to achieve my goal because it’s not worth the work and I’ll probably never acheive it anyways.

This is not good! And to be quite honest, it’s not true. You need to stop thinking so negatively. Do something small that you know you can achieve right after a failure. This will motivate you to keep on going and reassure you that you can absolultely do it.

That’s all for today folks! I hope this helped you find the motivation to get out of a slump and get on to being the best you that you can be!

Please leave a comment with your best tips for getting out of a slump!

Love, K.

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  1. This is truly beautiful!!!!! and a needed reminder..

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