How to End 2018 Right

How the HELL are we approaching the end of 2018? It didn’t really hit me how fast this year flew by until someone said they couldn’t believe we were more than half way through September and I was like…”We are?”.

I know I’ve said this a lot, but I feel like 2018 has been the best, most transformative year of my life. I feel like a completely different person. But maybe you don’t feel the same way or maybe you do but still want to continue to OWN this year. Either way, let’s talk about it!

How has your year been so far?

This is your time to be completely honest with yourself. Unless you plan on publishing this little evaluation, this is just for you to see. Write about the best parts of this year. Write about the worst parts of this year. Be as thorough as possible. Most people never really take a break to do a little self-evaluation, but I think this is super important to make a “game plan” for the rest of the year.

Now, we need to take this information and move forward.

Look at your evaluation of 2018 and use it to create a list of ten things you want to focus on for the rest of this year. From this list, chose three things to prioritize. These three things are the goals you will absolutely accomplish this year. Now this is not to say you should ignore the other seven things on the list, I just personally find that if I have way to many goals and deadlines on my plate, I tend to just drop them. Start on the first three prioritized goals and then work on the others in your free time! If you need some help coming up with goals, here is the list that I made:

  • Budgeting
  • Nutrition
  • Blogging goals
  • Exercise more
  • Waking up early
  • Get better at yoga
  • Personal growth+development
  • Read more
  • Use my phone less
  • Self care

Incorporate you plan into life

Grab your planners girls, we are about to get started. Once you’ve chosen your top three goals, plan, plan, plan! Writing down deadlines and goals into your planner. I know I am way more inclined to do things if I see them written down. Make sure you write it in pencil, because let’s be honest, life sometimes gets in the way so you may need to move your deadlines back. Or, you might be moving ahead of schedule and are able to move your goals up!

Start NOW!

I am the QUEEN of saying “oh, I’ll start next week” or “oh, I’ll start next month.” No. No you won’t. START NOW! Put your phone or computer down and start accomplishing your goals! Take your top three priorities and do one thing to move each of them forward right now. Let’s say one of your goals is to start saving more money. While you can’t make money appear to put into your saving right now, write out a budgeting plan! Say you want to start eating healthier, but you just polished off a whole pizza. You can’t take back eating that pizza, but you can get your ass into the kitchen and start meal prepping! There is no better time to start living your life. Waiting until the start of next month or next year is a waste of precious time. 90 year old you would LOVE to have this moment right now, so dont waste it!

Get excited and start living your life right now!




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